May 16, 1865: The stage floor is laid.

May 20, 1865: “Work upon the new theater is progressing slowly and the probabilities are that it will be completed sometime before fall.  We hope that the Board of Directors will hurry up business a little in order that some better inducements may be offered for companies to come to this city.  We have just had an excellent company in this city, but the people seem to have concluded beforehand that they could not give a good performance with the disadvantages they labored under and Wheatlegh and the Worrell Sisters were not sustained as they should have been.  The performances were excellent and those who did attend were delighted.  When the new house is completed, we will have one of the best theaters in the State, but at the rate they are working, no performances will be given there this season.  If the directors would complete the house with the exception of the scenery, with all speed, then open the concern with a grand ball, enough money could be realized to furnish it with scenery and finish it up.  Let the building be finished for now is the time we want to use it.” - Nevada Daily Transcript.

May 27, 1865: The new theatre is scheduled to open by a theatrical company on the evening of the 4th of July.  The Trustees expect to have everything competed by then.

May 1865

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